Canada Post or Canada Past?

Canadians who value their deep history of universal postal service are reeling from the latest round of cuts to Canada Post: the end of door-to-door delivery service accompanied by a hike in postage stamp costs.

In other words, higher prices for less service – and it’s all part of “an aggressive restructuring strategy”.

The Globe and Mail reports that this would make Canada the only G7 country that doesn’t provide home mail delivery service in urban centres.

Also part of the “strategy”: a lot of job cuts. The frame the government is using, however, is that euphemistic term “attrition”. Canada Post plans to reduce up to 8,000 jobs through attrition.

Let’s look at that word, attrition.

The defines it as such:

attrition [əˈtrɪʃən]n
1. the act of wearing away or the state of being worn away, as by friction
2. constant wearing down to weaken or destroy (often in the phrase war of attrition)

Canada Post: Reducing service down to the size of a postage stamp.

It’s not a business strategy. It’s a strategy to make Canada Post part of Canada’s past.

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