Liberal Words: Money Where Your Mouth Is?

In this three-part post (Conservatives, NDP) I wanted to take a look at what the parties said in their platforms compared to what they want to spend money on…are they putting their money where their mouth is? For each of the parties I’ve created two wordles or word charts.

In the “Mouth” word chart you’ll see how they used words in the text of the platform. Bigger words means that those words were used more. The word “Canada” was dominant for all 3 parties so I removed it so smaller words would be clearer.

In the “Money” word chart you’ll see all of the costed campaign planks, but this time weighted by the maximum that they plan to spend on it in any given year. Sometimes you can barely see the words and that’s because they aren’t spending much on it.

It is pretty clear what is on Liberal minds in their “mouth” graph with “liberal” and “government” figuring very prominently. “New”, “families” and “future” are also well used reflecting the liberal focus on families in the text of their platform.

What about their “money” graph? Here there is a singular focus on “corporate tax rollback” for raising revenues and that dominates the graph. Although in keeping with their “families” focus “$1000 RESP for university”, “Family Care Tax Benefit” and “Child Care” are the runner up position in terms of money spent. Many of the other programs are too small to read which means they aren’t receiving significant funds.

Liberal Mouth Graph (click to enlarge)

Liberal Money Graph (click to enlarge)


  1. ccpa
    Please note under Liberals paragraph four has a type, month instead of mouth.

    I so appreciate CCPA’s items such as this.

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