Silencing Dissent: The Harper Record

Over on the CCPA website, we’ve posted an excellent article by intern Maria Gergin on the Harper Government’s record of silencing dissent. The article includes a list of 79 community organizations, agencies, NGOs, research bodies and programs which have been cancelled, or whose funding has been cut or dramatically decreased and 14 civil servants, scientists, and organizations/watchdogs whose staff have been fired, publicly silenced, or who have resigned in protest.

“Over the past five years, exercise of the fundamental freedom of speech in Canada has been curbed and discouraged by a federal government increasingly intolerant of even the mildest criticism or dissent. Particularly affected have been organizations dependent on government funding which advocate for human rights and women’s equality. Their voices have been stifled, some completely silenced, by cuts to their budgets. Also financially throttled have been individuals and groups that speak out for reproductive rights, humanitarian immigration policies, and for changes in Canada’s foreign policy in the Middle East.

“The Harper government’s now lengthy record of silencing – or attempting to silence – its critics also includes the removal of heads of government agencies, commissions, and tribunals who insist on making independent decisions. Academics who have spoken against government actions or policies have also been targeted.

“This blatant suppression of basic human rights by a government constitutionally responsible for guaranteeing their expression is unprecedented in Canada’s history.”

Click here to read the entire article.

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  1. With the record of this government I am struggling to understand how it is that the election polls still show the Conservatives in the lead. What is the Canadian voter thinking? This kind of almost total disregard for the rules of a civil society will adversely effect the majority of voters at some point.

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